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About Us

Founded in 2018, Fortunet is the leading investment bank specializing exclusively in the e-commerce industry. 

Fortunet represents e-commerce-first brands (including DTC, FBA, and multichannel brands), as well as e-commerce SaaS, tech-based, and other service providers in the e-commerce industry. Fortunet works with its clients from preparation for sale through the closing of their M&A deals and the receipt of all proceeds. 

The Fortunet team comprises veteran investment bankers, e-commerce experts, business advisors, analysts, and financial and legal experts, each bringing a wealth of experience and proficiency to deliver unparalleled service. 

Our vast network of buyers and investors includes private equity funds, other investment funds, family offices, strategic buyers, e-commerce operators, platforms, and more. With an extensive presence in the e-commerce space, we have a comprehensive understanding of buyers’ needs and preferences in acquiring and investing in leading e-commerce businesses. 

The Fortunet

A well-orchestrated, end-to-end process of a consultative
nature that has proven to drive higher value for the 
E-commerce M&A process.

The Fortunet team is comprised of 40+ experts, who’s extensive experience and expertise makes for the best in class M&A process for E-commerce businesses. Investment bankers, e-commerce & corporate lawyers, finance professionals, and experienced Amazon sellers come together at Fortunet, to maximize exit values for E-commerce business owners and Amazon sellers.

Competitive, highly orchestrated & discreet, Fortunet’s “auction-like” process engages a large network of relevant potential buyers.  The Investment Banking team shares an  accumulated 100+ years of M&A negotiation experience.

Through careful analysis and by leveraging our experience working in E-commerce M&A, we refine, position and narrate the data points behind the mosaic of each brand, in order to maximize exit values.

Strong reputation in the industry for representing best-in-class e-commerce brands without compromising our values and absolute commitment to the seller.

How Does It Work

Comprehensive Sell-Side Service

Fortunet works exclusively with a sell-side focus, solely representing sellers with a clear and singular goal: Obtain the best valuation and optimal deal structure for each and every business.

Fortunet offers a holistic approach to M&A, working diligently on the day-to-day of each transaction while executing time-tested strategies that maximize outcomes for our client’s business.  From strategy to business & financial analysis, through to negotiations, deal process management, and closing, Fortunet is a trusted and credible partner for the e-commerce M&A space.

A Typical Fortunet Deal Process

Multistep process designed to maximize value upon sale of business

Sell Your E-commerce Business

For Buyers & Investors

Looking to acquire an E-commerce business?

Among buyers, Fortunet is known for having a large deal flow of the highest quality businesses in the Amazon space, and for preparing the most professional, accurate, and detailed investor packages, enabling buyers to efficiently analyze acquisition targets, saving time in their M&A processes.

Why should you acquire businesses
that are represented by Fortunet?

Buyers working with Fortunet have access to exclusive, unique deal flow.

We have a client vetting committee and only represent top-quality, premium brands.

We assist our clients in preparing a financial package and marketing materials, which saves valuable time for both parties.

Our decks contain all relevant information and are ready to present to the buyers’ investment committees.

As experienced investment bankers, we maximize the probability of closing and often assist in resolving complex issues.

What our clients are saying about us

Meet the Founders

Strong team of experts in



M&A / Investment Banking
Finance / Accounting
E-commerce / Corporate law
Amazon Operations (experienced sellers)

Omer Yacoby Levine

Director M&A

Seasoned professional specializing in cross-border investment banking & business development between Israel and Asia & Europe regions.  

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