Who We Are

 Founded in 2018, Fortunet is one of the first investment banks specializing in the sale of medium and large E-commerce businesses, in particular Amazon businesses. Fortunet has represented dozens of 7 and 8 figures Amazon sellers in their M&A transactions, and closed some of the largest transactions inthe Amazon FBA space.

Among Sellers

 Fortunet is known for representing the highest quality businesses, for obtaining the best possible multiples and deal structure, and for zealously pursuing the deal until achieving a successful closing.

Among Buyers

 Fortunet is known for having the largest deal flow, and for preparing the most professional, accurate and detailed marketing packages, allowing buyers to efficiently analyze businesses save time and money on deal expenses.

Omer Yacoby Levine

Director M&A

Seasoned professional specializing in cross-border investment banking & business development between Israel and Asia & Europe regions.  

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