Yael Cabilly


James Thomson

Ex – Amazon

Janco Bronkhorst

Ariel Steinberg

Tony Meibock

Today's test 45 Market dynamic : s3

What Private Label Brand Owners in 2022
Are Doing To Be Rewarded with Strong Multiples

Join us for a live webinar on today’s market dynamics and learn what private label brand owners in 2022 are doing to be rewarded with strong multiples.

Fortunet Co-founder, Yael Cabilly and Ex-Amazon, James Thompson will be hosting 3 veteran sellers to discuss the keys to their success and how they navigated their businesses to exit at high valuations.

Sign up to hear Ariel Steinberg, Tony Meibock, and Janko Bronkhorst share their take on the current economic environment in E-commerce.

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