Free Exit Preparation Tool for Your
Amazon Business

Determine areas to improve the valuation of your private label business and prepare for a buyer’s Due Diligence process

 4 reasons to use this tool:

  • Improve your readiness to sell your business.
  • Identify potential risks to your brand.
  • Prevent a loss of valuation by up to 25%.
  • Create a plan for addressing challenges that may arise.
This tool by Fortunet is the first publicly accessible, free business risk evaluation tool for E-commerce entrepreneurs. It is designed to support sellers at all stages of their journey. Whether you’re a bootstrapped first year seller or an established private label business, make sure that you’re familiar with the health and Due Diligence profile of your business.
Why should you evaluate your business risks?
  • Major legal, IP, tax, compliance and other issues may endanger the existence of your business.
  • Risks may be mitigated and eliminated, once identified.
  • If you ever consider selling your business, you must make sure it will pass buyer’s due diligence.
  • Risks that can be eliminated today may not be fixable later.

Drawing on Fortunet’s experience of providing consultation services for over 150 Amazon Clients, and hundreds of e-commerce businesses during their exit journey, this free tool addresses many of the key risks faced by e-commerce businesses today.

How does it work?

Step 1
Answer a short questionnaire about your business.
Step 2
Get a detailed report with a readiness evaluation and recommendation.

All your data will remain confidential

What topics will my report cover?

  • Trademark and other Intellectual Property Protection
  • Account Ownership
  • Amazon Account Health Issues
  • Compliance issues
  • Tariff and Duties
  • Inventory Planning
  • Other Exposures

Who are we?

Founded in 2018, Fortunet is the leading e-commerce investment banking firm specializing in mergers and acquisition (M&A) transactions for premium mid-sized, to large E-commerce businesses, including Amazon FBA and FBM businesses, DTC, SAAS, and more. Fortunet has represented hundreds of FBA businesses, DTC brands and e-commerce service providers, with a singular focus of maximizing outcomes for the client and an unwavering commitment to the success of each deal.

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Omer Yacoby Levine

Director M&A

Seasoned professional specializing in cross-border investment banking & business development between Israel and Asia & Europe regions.  

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